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Word's first iPhone digital back module for V system

There has been digital-backs available for many years but the price is not for the casual user. "HASSELNUTS" solves this problem. It is the world's first iPhone (smartphone) digital-back and you can use it with almost any Hasselblad V system.

Handling like the original

With HASSELNUTS iPhone app, you can shoot like you have been shooting with the film-back. You wind, aim, then press the shutter. It is as easy as the original film back.

Sync Shutter

The sync shutter program inside of HASSELNUTS iPhone app can detect the vibration of the shutter on the Hasselblad camera and synchronize the shutter on the iPhone camera.
*Since there are restrictions in iOS 6, shutter speed is currently not controllable.

Format Supports

HASSELNUTS supports the original square format of 6:6, and also regular formats 4:3 and 3:2.

6mega Pixel with 6x6 form

Since there will be a cropping area with 6:6 original square format, the picture size will be 6 Mega pixels. Pixel counts will differ with the format options.

Sns Friendly

All of the photos you have shot with HASSELNUTS go to your iPhone photo album, so you can easily select and upload photos to your favorite SNS.

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